As long as I can remember I wanted to be a writer. In middle school I wrote fictional stories that were always going to become a novel some day. In high school I wrote blurbs for yearbooks and random school publications. In college, I decided I was going to be a lawyer, wrote a lot of research papers on philosophy. As an adult after dropping out of college and never becoming a lawyer, I began writing blogs but I never felt as though I had the topics that interested me long enough to keep going.

Recently my sister asked me “if you hadn’t gone to college for prelaw & political science, what would you have done & would you have stayed in?” My immediate response was Journalism. There was no question and the smile on her face in agreement told me that it was time to do just that.

What is that one topic that no matter what I do in a day, I always catch up on? Gossip.. Trending gossip, current gossip, early 2000s era gossip.. I cannot get enough. I want to know what’s happening behind TMZ photos and behind the Daily Mail. What’s the “real” story because there has to be more right?

Enter the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial. Hours I have spent watching, listening, researching (thanks poli sci, prelaw background!) and sharing with my Instagram & TikTok followers the inside things that aren’t being talked about on social media led me here.

Subscribers can expect to receive a weekly in depth newsletter hitting weekly gossip topics as well as some in between for the “need to know” crew (that’s you because we all need to know). Once a month I will send out a monthly roundup sharing some articles around the internet and tidbits from my posts over the month to the free subscribers.

I’m looking forward to this journey going forward & hope to see you inside.

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